Green Tuesday: Eco Friendly Consumerism

Author: Jeffrey Strain
Published: November 26, 2012 at 7:14 pm

In the scramble for day naming rights for the shopping days after Thanksgiving, it appears that there are a couple of different themes currently attempting to lay claim to the Tuesday after Cyber Monday as their own. This year launches the first Giving Tuesday which hopes to help change the consumer focus from buying things on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday to helping nonprofit organizations on Tuesday.

Another theme trying to become synonymous with this day is Green Tuesday which has been around for a few years. Unlike Giving Tuesday, Green Tuesday hopes to keep the consumerism focus of the other days alive, but directed it toward more environmentally friendly and sustainable consumerism. The goal of the day is to encourage consumers to make eco-friendly choices when they are shopping for the holidays by opting for sustainable, fair-trade and artist created products that help themselves and the environment.

The concept is pretty easy to understand. Instead of buying a scarf that has been mass-produced for a big box store by the thousands, Green Tuesday encourages consumers to instead buy from a local artist who has hand-made a scarf out of natural materials in an eco-friendly process. Or instead of buying just any old gadget, buy a gadget which will also save the recipient money by reducing energy waste. By taking the time to think through gifts which come with an environmentally friendly footprint, everyone in the shopping process wins.

Unlike the other consumer oriented days which try to shove as much buying into their single themed day, Green Tuesday considers itself as the starting day. The argument is that choosing environmentally friendly products takes time, and the Green Tuesday philosophy should be practiced throughout the entire holiday shopping season.

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