Micro Hydroelectric Power Generation for the Home

Author: Dilip James
Published: March 31, 2011 at 10:49 am

With unrest in the Middle East spreading and the prospect of peak oil looming, attention is once more centered on green energy and renewable energy resources.

General Electric has recently concluded phase two of their Ecomagination Challenge, this time centered around ' Powering the Home' . The GE Ecomagination challenge : Powering your Home” contest will give a tremendous boost to new ideas and concepts, enough investment and incentives are available to see some of these ideas come to fruition.

The feasibility and cost of bringing new ideas to the prototype stage would play a critical part in whether an idea or concept can be implemented. One of the drawbacks of renewable energy is the absence of effective energy storage and power generating devices. The entry entitled "Micro Hydroelectric power generation for the Home' offers a simple, cost effective and easy to implement project that offers the possibility of generating around 2.5 KW of power 24 x 7. This works out to about 60 units of power during a period of 24 hours. This diagram shows how the system works:

From Mar 23, 2011

Since the 1600's when interest and awareness in the atmosphere first became apparent, scientists have been aware that at sea level, atmospheric pressure can support a column of water 10 meters (33 feet) high. The idea behind the project is quite simple make use of atmospheric pressure and a vacuum to lift water to a height of 25 feet or so, and then let this water out through a pipe of a suitable diameter through a vertical drop of 25 feet to turn a turbine and generate electricity. The same water would be used over and over again creating a clean , non-polluting source of usable energy. The Micro Hydroelectric power generation system works on the principle that atmospheric pressure can support a column of water 32 feet high.

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