Quinoa Not As Keen, If You're Peruvian

Author: Stephen Alexander
Published: January 21, 2013 at 5:03 pm

QuinoaVegans may be responsible for the decline of Peruvian culture as they gobble up quinoa and force poor Peruvians and Bolivians to eat clucking chicken - the irony of it all.

The price of quinoa, pronounced keen-wa, is skyrocketing in Peru and Bolivia because of the price that Vegans in western countries will pay for the high-protein wheat. Quinoa is billed as the “miracle grain of the Andes” because it has between 14 and 18% protein and all the essential amino acids needed for good health. Without the amino acids, most Vegans are required to take food supplements.

With claims that quinoa is healthy, low-fat, and ethical (because of the non-cruelty to animals), it was embraced by Vegans as a meat substitute. With the growth in the addition of quinoa to the Vegan menu in 2006, the price of the grain has tripled with the rarified black, red and “royal” types demanding premium prices.

But for those Vegans with a bag of quinoa in the fridge, the price of the grain has risen so high that the poorer people in Peru and Bolivia cannot afford their national food staple. Instead, they are forced to eat Western junk food because it's cheaper - the irony of it all!

In Lima, quinoa now costs more than chicken. In the countryside, globalization is forcing farmers to turn diversified farmland into fields of quinoa, thereby weakening the self-sufficiency of native cultures.

An attempt to produce quinoa in Europe failed three years ago. Thus, most of the world's quinoa is shipped using precious oil, across the world to feed the famished Vegans of the West.

Actually, it's not ironic, it's sad when you consider the damage that Vegan culture in the West is inflicting on poor people of the world in their narcissistic nascent in the marketplace. Perhaps America just needs to send a few hundred Chick-fil-A's to Peru and Bolivia – the irony of it all!


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