Why Underfloor Heating is Becoming More Popular

Author: viru set
Published: May 12, 2012 at 1:14 pm

In the last few years we have witnessed a huge upturn in awareness and increased popularity in underfloor heating (UFH). As a result, sales have increased throughout the last five years as people have become more knowledgeable of the advantages to installing such a system in their homes and the ease with which this new heating configuration can be deployed nowadays.

underfloor heatinfUFH offers economical, comfy, very discreet home heating within millions of residences all over Europe which is why it is quickly transforming into a preferred home heating choice in the United Kingdom.

This heating system is also being embraced by designers and specifiers who are aiming to comply with brand new, more restrictive energy efficiency regulations, and as such underfloor heating is beginning to play an ever more significant role in this regard. This 'race' to become more energy efficient and to reduce our carbon footprint has become a key driver for the rise in UFH sales, particularly within the new build sectors as requirements for low carbon levels is being introduced and legislation being modernised.

Although this is great news, there is expected to be the potential to massively grow the sales of underfloor heating systems further still over the next 10 years. This is due to the fact that many countries around the world have started to take global warming much more seriously and are becoming more committed to striving for a carbon neutral state.

In an effort to do so, governments are going to continue to revise environmental legislations, within their own countries, so that all new build projects are forced to use only the most cost effective and environmentally friendly technologies available. This is great as it will encourage development of newer technologies within these areas thus making these heating systems even more efficient, reliable and affordable.

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