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Author: Mary Armstrong
Published: March 11, 2012 at 10:54 pm

Imagine boarding your cross-country flight only to find you've been seated next to a mother traveling alone with two young children, one of which is screaming, “No, Mommy! I want to go home!” While the other child, no more than two years of age, has opened their backpack dumping its entire contents on the floor; crayons go rolling down the aisle while toy cars scatter three rows back. Immediately, you signal the flight attendant in hopes of being relocated to coach, if necessary!

Many of us have experienced this type of scenario causing us to cringe at the thought of being seated next to a traveling family. Worse yet, as parents, we develop anxiety at the thought of flying with our own children, especially without any support from a travel companion. Well, worry no more Nanny in the Clouds has come to the rescue.

Nanny in the Clouds is a Californian based online company which started after a mom, traveling with her 2 year old, from the East Coast to the West Coast, realized the benefit of networking traveling parents with traveling babysitters; a simple fix to a parent’s flying nightmare.

The parents are responsible for the 10 dollar matching fee and the cost of the nannies time; a very affordable endeavor for a young family while a profitable trip for a young adult. Prospective Nanny’s register online at and parents simply search the Nanny in the Clouds database for a match. No need to purchase extra plane tickets, networking does the work, saving moms and dads the additional expense of paying for a traveling nanny.

Following the match, nannies are available to help with kids, while the parents pre-board and during the flight, entertaining the children during what can be a stressful start to a vacation. The extra set of hands comes in handy and the kids have the undivided attention of an older playmate, offering a win-win experience for everyone on board, including fellow passengers.

Here’s the challenge for Nanny in the Clouds. With over 30,000 commercial flights leaving American Airports, daily, can they provide enough babysitters? Unfortunately, the supply and demand may be greater than this business can accommodate. So, if you are like me, a frequent business traveler as well as a grandmother with 2 preschoolers, you hope and pray this very valuable service succeeds.


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