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Author: Amanda Osborn
Published: July 13, 2011 at 9:06 am

Then there are the incalculable costs.  Like the frustration involved in purchasing train tickets, as the lines are long and the employees selling tickets will go on unannounced half-hour lunch breaks, meaning that you have to wait that much longer to purchase a ticket.  Or the complications of hailing a taxi to the mess that is Beijing West Railway Station, as Beijing taxi drivers can (and frequently do) turn down driving passengers based on the destination.  Or the fact that it took two hours to travel by train from Beijing to Shijiazhuang.  Time and sanity are money, after all, and taxing situations like these rapidly drain both.

Most of the time, a budget airfare is definitely more sensible than a regular airfare, especially to the budget traveler.  But sometimes, it's worth it to spend that little extra on a regular airfare, because you might not end up saving as much money as you originally thought.


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