Everything You Need to Know About Disneyland Resorts During the Holidays

Author: Kimberly Kauer
Published: November 29, 2012 at 1:01 pm

The busy holiday season is upon and it's usually filled with travel. Why not make a new tradition by including a family visit to Disneyland?

After my recent trip, I decided that the holidays are the best time to go. Post Halloween offers smaller crowds, shorter lines,comfortable weather - A perfect family bonding event in the middle of a rushed season! Disneyland is sparkling, festive, and full of photo opportunities for the perfect holiday card.

Both parks are beautifully decorated, not over done, and full of creativity. All décor in Cars Land is designed for the cars, not people, who inhabit the town. A Christmas tree is made of orange cones and car filters are used as wreaths. In Disneyland, Sleeping Beauty's Castle is gorgeous, but we noticed as we moved into the different sections of the park, the characteristics of various areas were reflected in the décor. New Orleans Square has beads, horns, and other New Orleans flare. It’s a Small World has decorations reflecting the traditions of different cultures. The Haunted Mansion was fully done for A Nightmare Before Christmas holiday, and has a gingerbread smell piped in when traveling through the ginger-dread house. Ghostly gifts are distributed instead of ghostly passengers toward the end of the ride, and Oogie Boogie gave my son the most appropriate gift: lit TNT. It was the first word my explosives-obsessed son learned to write. Oogie Boogie may know my son better than Santa.

Jingle Jangle Jamboee
The holidays have come to Big Thunder Ranch in Frontierland. There’s holiday music, crafts for kids, St. Nick, characters, and more. It’s a walk up party.

Do not miss Santa at the Elias & Co. Dept. Store in California Adventure. This is the best Santa we’re ever seen, not only in looks, but also in his interaction with children. We’ve always told our kids that the mall Santas are helping the real Santa – this was because we saw one getting out of his Honda Civic at a shopping center a few years ago, prompting some questions. Disney’s Santa greeted my kids, and remarked on how big they’d grown since last year. When asked what they’d like, my daughter answered, “books,” and Santa replied, “Oh, that’s right, you’re a reader,” as though it was now all coming back to him. It was incredible. As we left, little candy canes in hand, my son leaned in to whisper, “Mom, I think that was the real Santa.”

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