Jet Blue’s “Anti” Social Media a First Class Failure.

Author: Frank Bocchino
Published: February 06, 2013 at 1:15 pm

This hasn't been a good week for JetBlue shareholders and some of it's passengers.

Rather than provide the extra leg room based upon something as ridiculous as excess height, JetBlue now charges for exit rows, calling them premium seats – most of which are mid-cabin, mind you. So after the Captain had turned off the seat belt sign I slipped into the “Even More Space” row as they call it. Within seconds, I was pounced upon by the flight attendants, informing me that if I wanted to sit in one of these empty seats I would have to pay an additional $45 for the non-first class seat.

Could this the new backlash policy for what happened earlier in the week on a cross-country JetBlue New York JFK-San Diego flight that was diverted to Denver, after a passenger became unruly because a flier moved to a seat next to her paid less for the seat? The woman apparently became agitated when a man who had been seated in the normal, less-expensive area was moved next to her because the TV wasn't working. Angered that the man didn't have to pay extra for that seat, she argued with the flight crew. That's been the airline industry's dirty little secret for years — different prices for the seat next to you. Hotels do it as well.

A major airline has also recently announced the creation of quiet zones on flights. Children under the age of 12 are no longer allowed in the first seven rows on certain AirAsia X flights. The airline primarily serves China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Australia - as evidenced on my JetBlue flight today – not soon enough and not strong enough. My reason for moving  was that sitting behind me was anincessantly talking and kicking two-year-old who came with the added bonus of a flu-induced whooping cough. Did I mention that I was also sitting in the middle seat – all 6’ 3” of me? Well at least that was my height before being crammed in on the last "standard" seat.

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