Mt Bromo - Volcano Trekking

Author: Reinhard Kuchenbaecker
Published: January 27, 2012 at 9:28 am

Volcanoes have long fascinated us. Millions of years ago, volcanic eruptions contributed to the ice ages, and today they often bring widespread destruction and death. We watch in amazement as we follow reports about volcano researchers, who bravely trek through the sulfur vapor at crater rims making measurements of things we do not understand.

As it turns out, any common tourist can easily walk around on the crater rim and look inside the entrance to the earth's interior. A rather intriguing possibility is the volcano at Mt Bromo on the Indonesian island of Java. A paved road leads directly to the crater rim. There you will find a small hotel, which appropriately was baptized "Java View Lodge". From there you can enjoy the view of a truly strange landscape, which is stark contrast to the otherwise lush, tropical landscape of Indonesia.

On the way to the hotel, travelers are usually intercepted by young Indonesians who offer their services for the next morning. You can trust the people, but you should negotiate the price for a guided tour to the mountain very hard. If you have chosen a local guide, the tour begins the next morning at 4:00 clock. Before sunrise. In an old Toyota Landcruiser on extremely rough roads. In Penanjakan, the highest vantage point on the crater rim, you can enjoy the sunrise over the surreal landscape. Then it's 253 steps on a stairway up to the actual crater rim. And then you look inside, in the smoking and steaming pit of hell at Mt Bromo.

A small travel recommendation:
If you do not just a tour in Java, you can reach the Bromo region best via the airport of Surabaya. The flight takes 2 hours from Jakarta, 2.5 hours from Singpore, and 0.5 hours from Bali. There are several local tour operators who offer the transfer from the airport to Mt Bromo and some also offer complete travel packages. Here is just a small selection:
Global Adventure Indonesia
Real Adventures
Bromo Tours

And there is more information for a trip to Mt Bromo at the online travel guide from Lestariweb.


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