Three New Growing Social Travel Sites

Author: Rosendo Cuyasen
Published: March 27, 2012 at 9:53 am

With the rise of technology, almost everything can be found with just a click of the computer mouse. If before, visiting a certain place was the best way to discover it, now it can be viewed through online, thus helping people in the discovery of places around the world.

On the worldwide web, there are many social network travel websites that are emerging. These websites offer great tools for the modern traveler. The articles and videos explain much about the most beautiful destinations worldwide. Information, such as when the best time to travel, where to stay, what to eat, what to expect, and almost everything else, are shared as well, helping travelers to choose their destinations.

While most of these social travel sites are already old in the industry, some are also just spreading their wings in the Internet world. Among these new social travel sites are the following:

1.Tripbirds –  According to Eye For Travel, the aim of Tripbirds is to help people extract travel information from their existing social network, and instantly turn this it into something useful, such as trip recommendations.

2.Wingbuddy –  Although already operational, Wingbuddy will hold their formal launching this coming April 2012. As described by Ben Yoskovitz, "Users can book vacation packages, flights or hotels and accumulate ‘WingDollars’ back into their account, redeemable for a variety of gift cards" "Wingbuddy is about improving online travel planning, including finding the best deals for the users,: according to its founder, Chris Hakim.

3.Mooplace – “Mooplace is New Zealand’s first networking site for travelers. They provide a forum for travelers to interact, experience and socialize. Mooplace Limited is a company devoted to travelers and businesses that revolve around tourism. It provides them with a place, a place where users can stay connected – anytime, anyplace. Anything a member adds can be shared across the network” (quoted from the company’s own website). Being in the social travel industry for quite a while now, there is no doubt that this site has already earned a good reputation online, offering a variety of videos and articles.

With these social travel websites present in the worldwide web today, traveling can be hassle-free. They help minimize the inconvenience of falling in line just to book a trip. They can as well connect one traveler to another and share personal travel experiences regardless if they live on different parts of the world.


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