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Travel, or Refrigerators and Stoves?

Author: Kaleel Sakakeeny
Published: July 30, 2013 at 7:09 am

So, it was an easy chat with a friend who knew I had something to do with the travel biz. He knew I traveled. He knew I produced content (videos, Audio PostCards, travel news, trends) for our own site, New Media Travel,  Technorati Travel, Tripatini,  and others.


But he was fixated on the actual travel. The grand act of "going places," as he called it. But this was the surprise: he thought it (travel) was a waste of time, money and energy.
The usual responses to my hitting the road frequently are envious ones, bordering on the incredulous, usually followed by remarks like, "Some guys have all the luck," or "What a dream job."

This friend saw travel as a waste. A waste of what? A waste of energy. A waste of time. A waste of money..and mostly, a waste of opportunity.

In his mind, all the hassles of getting to a place was a waste.
He enumerated, effortlessly, the endurance process of getting a cab to the airport, dealing with delays, security lines, bad seats, horrible food, delays, and so forth. I understood.

But, I said, once there, a whole world opens up. Thinking of the moments sipping a coffee at at local coffee shop in a sun-speckled plaza. Or treks into the Panamanian forests to chat with chattering monkeys.

"Come on," he said. "Truthfully, by the time you reverse the journey and go through all those hassles and finally land home, I bet the trip has been just about erased from your mind. And think of all the money you spent."

He added, "And I bet a week later you say, 'Oh my God, a week ago we were in.....'. Could it have just been a week ago?"

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