Visit the Warm and Welcoming Island of Anguilla!

Author: Ig Slavin
Published: January 03, 2012 at 10:16 am

Anguilla is a perfect destination for people who are looking for exciting activities and for those who are outdoor enthusiasts. The laid back atmosphere and the stunning beaches are sure to make your vacation a memorable one.

Sailing, surfing, kayaking, kite surfing and kayaking are some of the many exciting activities which you can experience in Anguilla. You can also explore a web of hiking trails on the island and discover secluded coves and beaches rich in wildlife. Rock climbing in the steep cliffs can also be fun if you are looking for some adrenaline together with a great view of the sparkling vastness of the ocean at dizzying heights. Despite the island's size, there are plenty of exciting trails to discover in Anguilla. Most of these routes follow rocky cliff terrains, through bush paths and cacti covered slopes. So, make sure you are wearing appropriate shoes when taking a hike. The Wind Ward Point near Junks Hole is the perfect trail to follow if you wish to catch sight of iguanas, various bird species and bonsai plants along the way.

If you prefer to golf, you may also enjoy a game or two at one of the island's luxury golf course, with fantastic views to boot. Anguilla now boasts an 18-hole, par 72 Temenos Golf Course designed by the world-renowned Greg Norman. This 111 hectare facility offers magnificent views, immaculate greens and luxury services. However, make sure you are ready to part with big money for the course green fees.

As many may think and probably have heard, Anguilla is not known for its surfing scene. In fact, many believe that with the island's calm and serene waters, there are no rolling surfs to catch here. However, there are several beaches with constant swells that are good enough to captivate eager devotees. These are Forest Bay and Meads Bay. Savannah Bay also features a few small waves, but the rocky reef surrounding it can be quite dangerous especially for beginners.

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