Live translation app makes the world a true global village

Live translation app makes the world a true global village

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The world has become as Marshall Mcluhan once predicted, a “global village.” The physical distance of globe is less of a hindrance,  through data and communication technology, thereby reducing us to more like a communications village.

GlobalVilliageQuoteLive translation, and an app by ABBYY Language Service, are dwindling communication friction even further.  The product, Lingvo, may not be an easy name to pronounce, but it’s an easily understandable and effective mobile app for live translation between 28 languages. And super simple.

1. Aim the pointer

2. Touch the screen

3. Get the text’s translation

Understanding documents, discovering new words, and instant translations are enabling powerful, cross-cultural product or service efficiencies. He’s the app’s breakdown

  • Live translation – All you have to do is use the pointer to aim at a word and then tap on your screen for its translation. This means you can use it very efficiently when traveling or by handing it over to a foreign guest so you can communicate effectively with him.
  • Photo translation – Just as you can have words translated, you can also take photos and get the image translated into a different language. Just imagine how much fun it becomes to learn a new word everyday!
  • Detailed information – Not only do you get the definition and translation, Lingvo will also give expanded information on the word and how it is used, its history, and even quick lessons on its grammar.
  • 28 languages
  • Spelling
  • Native pronunciation of words – This is a common problem when traveling or speaking to a foreigner – the mispronunciation of words that completely changes the direction of a conversation. Every language has a few words they use multiple time but have different meanings depending on the way it said or used – homonyms, in short.

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The advantages of using Lingvo start with a most convenient feature – no need for Internet! This is a major accomplishment because it does not hinder you in any way except if you forget to charge your mobile device!

Other advantages of the app are:

  • It is a cloud solution which means there is no downtime and you can start using it in minutes.
  • The quality of the dictionaries is impeccable and follows a very high standard in translation and use of terminology.
  • Fully customizable
  • It is a smart app because it can detect context clues and provide the right translation and definition.
  • Unlike other similar apps, Lingvo is a Pay-As-You-Use app which allows you to stick to whatever budget you have. You will not be required to pay up front nor will you have a steep learning curve to navigate. The app is user-friendly and comes with free upgrades.

The next level in language and communications convenience and technology, is live translation, and by all accounts, the Lingvo mobile app is proving it can be done well. There is nothing better in the market today and it is made by the well-respected ABBYY Language Services, a top global research center with more than 20 years experience.

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