Livefyre acquires social media curation tool Storify

Livefyre acquires social media curation tool Storify

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Storify, the popular social curation tool used by individuals and news agencies to organize the jumble of related thoughts on the internet has today formally announced they have been acquired by Livefyre. Livefyre is a commenting platform used by many websites to keep comments organized and relevant to readability. They have already said via press release that they will continue to operate Storify as an independent service, with little disruption to operation.

“Not only will we be keeping the great Storify product and brand completely intact, we will be investing in both moving forward,” Livefyre CEO Jordan Kretchmer said. “That means that there will always be a free version of Storify as we work to continue to grow the Storify community, just as there has always been a free version of Livefyre.”

Livefyre’s mission is to “power social everywhere”, while Storify has curated stories for over 850,000 users so far. This combined with Livefyre’s social curation for more than 400 major publishers, media companies and brands will further enable both companies to put a ladder on the shelves of social media. Livefyre will be putting more steam behind their SteamHub product, which allows publications to automatically add relevant social media content to their sites.

News curation is changing, and Livefyre is trying to stay on top of the changes. They have just secured a $15m round of venture capital in February, adding to their total. Yet, for all that news is changing as far as the availability of it and integration of social, with that (as news outlets like CNN have proved) the reliability of facts have decreased. News has become a “who heard it first” business, which ends up in more misinformed people than ever before. Integrating social media into news stories will only add to the dilution of facts. However, with proper curation and relevant algorithms, perhaps this type of curation will only add value. Either way, Livefyre seems to have it locked up.

This guest post was written by Curtis Silver.