New Programmatic Council bridges supply and demand

New Programmatic Council bridges supply and demand

A new council has been established to act as the pace setter for all that is programmatic advertising.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), an organization dedicated to the growth of the interactive advertising marketplace, has launched a Programmatic Council, the organization announced at their Ad Lab in New York and reported on its website.

The council is tasked with building a fair and transparent marketplace, setting standards, and making sure the marketplace works for all involved.

The IAB lists the mission for the Programmatic Council as:

Programmatic Council aims to bring together publishers, buyers and ad technology providers to discuss the key business issues in the evolving programmatic marketplace. The focus of this Council will be to identify and tackle what is working and what can be improved to make programmatic work more effectively. This Council brings together the different activities happening across the IAB on programmatic and is the successor to the Networks and Exchanges Committee.

You can find a list of participants and member companies on the IAB website.