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I'm a writer, co-executive editor of Blogcritics, and author of Chasing Zebras: The Unofficial Guide to House, M.D. Always curious about what's new and exciting around the next curve.

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  1. July 18, 2012

    Meet the Johns Family
    Meet American Gypsies' Johns Family
    in TV
  2. Romani Culture and Traditions
    Culture and tradition mean a lot to American Gypsies' Johns family.
    in TV
  3. Romani Justice: The Gypsy Court
    American Gypsies is National Geographic's new documentary series.
    in TV
  4. Language of the Romani: A Viewers’ Glossary
    American Gypsies: National Geographic's new documentary series.
    in TV
  5. July 17, 2012

    Gypsy Jazz
    American Gypsies: National Geographic Channel's new documentary series.
    in TV
  6. Origins of the Romani
    American Gypsies: a new series on the National Geographic Channel.
    in TV
  7. The Cultural Gap on Primetime TV
    American Gypsies: A new documentary series on National Geographic.
    in TV
  8. October 21, 2011

    Chatting with Jane Espenson, Cheeks, and Sean Hemeon about Husbands
    Live Interview with Husbands' creator Jane Espenson and stars Cheeks and Sean Hemeon
  9. April 25, 2010

    Android App Review: Google Sky Maps
    Google Sky Maps for Android phones make you into an instant astronomer.