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Middle aged and surrounded by loving friends and family. People who don't sit in judgement and people who care. Well most of the time they do.... Happy to be part of the independent thinking group and a person who refuses to follow others like proverbial sheep. Totally fed up with people, who play mind games on the internet and who spend all their life on the internet, vilifying anyone and everyone who doesn't agree with their line of thinking. As the saying goes... If you're allergic to bullcrap, drama, head games, liars, & fake people, keep the sneeze going.........I can't wait to see who does all of this next!!!

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    On My Front Porch
    Just a blog about my thoughts and opinions on current events...
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    Regrets and Ramblings
    My thoughts, my regrets and my ramblings
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    Ryan Photography
    A blog showcasing pictures of our visits to various locations in and around the South East of England
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