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First Published: Oct 13, 2009 / Last Published: Nov 29, 2010
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  1. October 23, 2009

    How to Shoot an Anvil 200 Feet in the Air
    Gay Wilkinson is a world champion anvil shooter. You'll sprout hairs on your chest just watching this video.
  2. October 22, 2009

    Windows 3.1 Launch Party
    Unearthed from a time capsule after seventeen years, this video proves that Windows launch parties are an ancient tradition!
  3. Hulu Likely to Charge for Content in 2010
    Popular online broadcast video venture to begin charging users for content
  4. Hosting Your Windows 7 Torrenting Party
    Celebrate the release of Microsoft's highly anticipated Windows 7 release by downloading it illegally!
  5. October 21, 2009

    Vintage Camera Tattoo Time-Lapse
    Dabe Alan documents the process of his vintage camera tattoo in this awesome time-lapse video.
  6. Rejected Concepts from the Microsoft App Lab
    Microsoft attempts viral success with this look at some of the rejected concepts from the Top Secret Microsoft App Lab.
  7. Don't Look Down: Girls on Pitchfork TV
    This week's installment of Pitchfork.tv's Don't Look Down features a great set from indie up-and-comers Girls.
  8. A Moving Testimony for Marriage Equality
    A World War II veteran defends same-sex marriage.
  9. October 20, 2009

    Merlin Mann Hacks Your House
    Merlin Labs brings you five surprising house hacks!
  10. John Mayer Contest: Fuse Video Reporter Needed!
    Win a chance to meet John Mayer and cover his concert live from backstage!