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I like craziness…… In fact I thrive on it. I am a mother of seven children, I am the marketing director of a small business. I love to write, run and read. I live in a small religious town where everyone knows everyone and everything. My life is full of craziness and I love it that way. I am just like every other woman out there just trying to have fun and raise a happy, healthy family and find success in her own way. The one thing I don’t love is DRAMA… you know the kind, the hater drama, the drama that women (haters in heels) bring on to each other because they are insecure so they need to make other women feel inadequate by putting them down or making them feel stupid. Usually I am the quiet reserved type when it comes to this, I bite my tongue and rise above it…. but here… here in this blog, I get to vent, laugh, scream, cry and call it what it is. I want to empower other women to do the same. Every now and then I will throw in a few {bi*ch slaps}. So get ready for the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between.

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    Haters In Heels
    Why this blog? That is a question I ask myself every day! I write this blog because I am a mom, a mom of four beautiful daughters. Daughters who …
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