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I am a landscape architect from Timisoara, Romania. I'm interested in reviving the urban landscape by maximizing the green surfaces, breaking out of the two dimensions . My degree is in green roofs, at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Timisoara. I am a co-founder and studio manager of XCEED, a multidisciplinary studio focused on solving IT and advertising problems for its clients. The studios history proves that impossible is nothing. It manages to be a one stop shop. I experiment with photography. I'm especially atracted to food and street photography. I read, watch, shoot, listen and learn everyday. I believe in giving back to society and am involved in volunteering since 2005. I'm an active member of Rotaract Club of Timisoara, an NGO that's making a lot of good change in the western part of Romania.

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    DUNGA - Photography. Landscape …
    It's a blog that reflects my activity as a photographer, designer, landscape architect. It also contains news and tutorials regarding these three fields …
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