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First Published: Sep 15, 2011 / Last Published: Sep 17, 2011
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Hello. I am Dr. Diane Hamilton. I currently teach business courses for six online universities and have written several books: It's Not You It's Your Personality, The Online Student User's Manual and How to Reinvent Your Career. Follow on Twitter @drdianehamilton

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    My blog is about sharing information similar to the topics I write about in my books about: online learning, understanding personalities, reinventing …
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  1. September 17, 2011

    New Studies Show Technology to Blame for Increase in Plagiarism
    Two Pew studies conducted in 2011 have shown that technology has made it easier for college students to cheat.
  2. September 16, 2011

    New Research Uses Imaging to Show Serotonin's Link to Anger
    New research uses technology to visualize the relationship between serotonin and anger.
  3. September 15, 2011

    New Site Measures the Future of Social Business
    New site measures the future of social performance of top global companies.
  4. Acceptance of Treatment of Depression
    Patients lack confidence in doctor's ability to treat their depression.
  5. Purchasers from Amazon Responsible for StateTaxes
    Purchases from Amazon may leave buyers liable to pay state taxes.