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First Published: Apr 21, 2010 / Last Published: Dec 20, 2012
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What is your political office talking about around the DC Water Cooler? Email Jimmy at jimmyzuma@smartvstupid.com or call 202.681.4091. America's Favorite Liberal™, Jimmy Zuma, writes Technorati's DC Water Cooler, a weekly feature of what the politicians and pundits are talking about. He also publishes the online political journal Smart v. Stupid, contributes at Open Salon, and writes a weekly column for the Tucson Sentinel. His focus is national politics.

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    The Average Liberal

    The Average Liberal is the archive for Jimmy Zuma. Jimmy writes a weekly feature for Technorati Politics and Tucson Sentinel. He also blogs at Smart v. …
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    Open.Salon Jimmy Zuma

    Jimmy Zuma on Open.Salon. Jimmy Zuma writes Technorati's DC Water Cooler, a weekly feature of what the politicians and pundits are talking about. …
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    Smart v. Stupid

    Political opinion aimed at elevating smart ideas and debunking dumb ones. Because today's battle for power isn't right-left, big-small or conservative-liberal. …
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Jimmy Zuma's articles

  1. December 20, 2012

    Regulating Assault Rifles – a how-to primer for non-shooters
    Guns can be regulated to reduce their potential for mass killing. Here's how...
  2. December 6, 2012

    Can Republicans Rebrand?
    The Republican Party is rebranding. Will voters forget the old, white, boys club?
  3. November 8, 2012

    Something died on Election Day
    What’s that smell? A whole lotta conservative memes rotting on the trash pile of history – that’s what.
  4. November 2, 2012

    Barack Obama for President
    Your choice could not be clearer. Make sure you make it in the form of a vote.
  5. October 25, 2012

    Top CEOs Call for Higher Taxes
    America’s top CEOs offer a deficit plan that looks a lot like President Obama’s.
  6. October 12, 2012

    New Polls Rock Foundations of Conservatism
    We’re becoming a more tolerant nation. That’s bad news for conservatives.
  7. October 4, 2012

    Hey Mitt, I’ll see Your China Debt and Raise you an F35 Program
    The path to paying back China runs through a five sided building.
  8. September 27, 2012

    The Republican Brand Killed Romney
    Republican stakeholders jockey to avoid being the guy that gets blamed.
  9. September 20, 2012

    What Mitt Romney Really Said
    When Mitt Romney described the 47 percent, he was saying what he thinks about Democrats. He’s not alone...
  10. September 13, 2012

    The Outrage Industry
    Making you scared and angry is an industry. But you don’t need to buy in.