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Dateline: Funny name. Serious business.
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I started out on the Internet back in 1995 and have been making websites for just as long. I recently created a new blog to help other people get their own site(s) online. Essentially, my blog is made up of two parts. The first being an informational site about how to get your own website to work for you. Starting a blog or your own business online can be challenging and without a passion for what you do, it call fall by the wayside sooner than later. Most people don't realize just how important it is to maintain your website. The second part is my personal blog. At times, I have a lot on my mind and I love sharing it with people who are interested in reading it! I love technology and I am currently an IT Administrator for a major company in Southern California.

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    Technology and Blogging - Opinions …
    Thanks primarily to all my friends, I was constantly getting requests to show people how to create a website or for me to do it for them. Once I began …
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