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I am a wife and a mom living in Atlanta, Georgia. I worked in fashion for years and am now at home with my sweet daughter. Being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me, I have loved every minute of it.....but, my daughter is getting older and while I am struggling with infertility I have a little time to work on myself. Writing for me is therapeutic, I have boxes of journals from throughout my whole life. It forces me to be introspective, to look and really think about my life, my relationships, my hopes and dreams....each day. It helps me keep things in perspective and recognize when things are positively influencing my life and when they are not. I am a huge fan of art in all forms, music, literature, film, photography and fashion. These are things that make me happy! I believe strongly in self expression and the creative process. I have struggled for years with insecurities....but now I am overcoming some of those fears. I post about the things that I find to be inspiring and beautiful. I share these things with others hoping they will bring some happiness. Too often people get caught up in the life they think that they are supposed to be living, what is expected of them. I did. Now I am ready to do more and be more.....and teach my daughter to do the same!

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    Let It Be
    Let It Be is a blog about life. I am and a wife and mom writing about what interests and motivates me to do more and be more. I post on music, books, …
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