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Dateline: Cloud Storage for Business
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Nasuni leverages the resources of the cloud to deliver unlimited file storage with built-in file protection, radically simplifying file storage and protection for business. Nasuni does not hold customer files. Instead, it secures them with end-to-end encryption and passes them on to trusted cloud providers. The Nasuni Filer is a primary file storage solution with built-in backup and disaster recovery rolled into a single solution that’s reliable, scalable and has a low cost footprint. The Filer is a virtual file server that combines local and cloud storage and provides customers with simple, on-premise NAS that never runs out of space or needs to be backed up. With snapshot technology, advanced caching, end-to-end encryption and a CIFS interface, the Filer acts just like an advanced file server but with added benefits of the cloud.

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    The Nasuni Cloud Storage Blog

    We are on the verge of a paradigm shift. In the future, the cloud will provide the lion’s share of the storage and processing capacity you need for your …
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