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Dateline: The Rants and Raves of a Mother, Wife, and Nerdy Nurse
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First Published: Jun 15, 2011 / Last Published: Jun 15, 2011
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Nerd By Day: Senior Editor at Nurse By Night: RN, BSN - Nerd at Total Twitter Addict: Mother and wife. Jane of all trades, Master of Some. I speak geek! Oh and passion, I totally got that. Read more:

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    The Nerdy Nurse
    The rants and raves of a mother, wife, and nerdy nurse.
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  1. June 15, 2011

    Is Klout Really What It’s All About?
    The standard of social media influence measurement adds LinkedIn to it’s metrics
  2. Fifty-Six Year-Old to Give 25 Year-Old Her Uterus
    A mother and daughter are slated to participate in the first womb transplant next spring.