David Herron

Dateline: Green technology and transportation advocate
Weblog: davidherron.com
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A technologist, green technology and transportation advocate, living and writing in Silicon Valley. I am deeply interested in the intersection of humanity and technology, the proper role of technology in our lives, and how the decisions we make about technology impact us for good or bad.}

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    Seven Generational Ruminations

    David Herron writing about life, technology, what it means to be human, and how the technology is impinging our humanity.
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    David Herron .com - Comments

    Home page for David Herron, pointing to his various web sites and activities.
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    Electric Race News

    Following the burgeoning field of electric vehicle racing, written by one of the leading journalists covering the field.
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    Java, Java Quality, open source Java, Java applications, java testing, the interface of Java with other software, and sometimes pictures from traveling …
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    David Herron, Green Transportation …

    David Herron is passionate about electric vehicles and the need to electrify the transportation system. He is the owner of the VisForVoltage forum.
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