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Dr. Meyer’s Qualifications: Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry Degrees 33 years experience leading churches to rapid growth. One church grew from 100 in attendance to a constituency of 2,500 in four years. Planted three new churches and led turnarounds in three others. Of these six churches four grew by over 1000% in five years or less. Trained by Dr. Paul Borden in the Growing Healthy Church network and consults under the auspices of Growing Healthy Churches Many years experience in consulting churches and coaching pastors. Most importantly, Dr. Meyer consults based on real world experience, not just theory or potential. He has spent 33 years in the trenches of leading churches to healthy growth. So many church consultants have never led the church themselves. They operate from a theoretical base. Dr. Meyer has repeatedly led churches to healthy growth. He knows both the positives of how to lead a church to health and the pitfalls along the way. There simply is no substitute for the wisdom gained through years of leading churches to growth. Theory can never match the wisdom of experience. Call 303-290-9083 to put his wisdom and experience to work for you.

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    This blog is your source for church renewal. It is full of church growth strategies, new evangelism ideas, and church growth strategies.
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