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Dateline: Empowering others, transforming lives.
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At Shopping for a Change™, we give those in need a supportive hand up not a hand out. We provide an extended marketplace for artisans from marginalized communities around the globe, & give them the ability to create a sustainable way of life, thereby raising their standards of living, health & well being. Shopping for a Change™ distributes 50% of our net proceeds for the benefit of these distressed communities. We grant the remaining 50% to a limited number of U.S.-based organizations whose charitable missions are related to those of our own; or to charitable organizations that have partnered with us to boost their fundraising.

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    Shopping for a Change
    SFAC, founded in December of 2009, is the outcome of three key events culminating within a short window of time. As I approached my 50th birthday, I …
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