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I am happily married and a proud mother of three who lives in PA. I have a wonderful husband named Nathan, and I have three beautiful children, Dillon 12, Kiera 10 and Kaylee 4. Oh, and who can forget my two pups, Wolfie and Petunia! I have worked in the psychology field with mentally handicapped individuals for several years, I loved it! Luckily though, I have been able to stay home with my kids now. So, now I research and blog.

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    Child ADHD- raising a Child with …
    This site is a place where parents, friends and family can learn about ADHD. I have a son who's 12 and has ADHD, so, it includes my stories and the ups …
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    Mother and Child
    I am a mother of three and this is my blog about raising children. With kids ages 4-13, this site has my stories as well as helpful tips and hints I …
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