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Total Health Institute is the premiere Christ centered inpatient and outpatient teaching and treatment facility in the U.S. Our focus is complete healing of the physical body, mind and emotions. We specialize in alternative holistic healthcare, doctor supervised fasting and detoxification, along with comprehensive inpatient treatment programs to remove all the causes of health challenges instead of just treating the effects (the symptoms, conditions and diseases) with more medication and surgery. We have a strong focus on Christian Healing and Alternative Health. Cancer Treatment is what a majority of our patients come for. However, we do not "treat" cancer, but rather treat the symptoms. Please visit http://www.totalhealthinstitute.com for more details. Dr. Keith and Laurie Nemec

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    Total Health Institute

    Our blog is completely dedicated to Christian Healing and Alternative Health. We are a Christ centered institute with Holistic Healing methods. …
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