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Dateline: Skip the blender. Register your honeymoon.
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Brandon often found himself purchasing generic wedding gifts for friends and family who shared his passion for travel and likely preferred a once in a lifetime honeymoon experience. After some research and realizing the need for an affordable and easy to use honeymoon registry service, he enlisted help from contacts he had made at Boston College and Deloitte. In 2004, Tony joined Brandon on a Spring day in New York City's Central Park to write a mission statement and sketch the initial framework of the site. While still holding a full time position with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), Brandon oversaw the beta launch of Traveler's Joy. As the site became more popular, he resigned from the SEC to commit more time to the company. In 2007, Brandon achieved a long-awaited dream — for his 30th birthday he bought a surfboard and spent his mornings and evenings learning to surf off the coast of Maryland. He graduated from Boston College in 1999 with a B.S. in Economics and Finance and from Duke University in 2008 with a graduate degree in Environmental Economics and Policy. When Brandon isn't traveling, working, cycling, gardening, or planning his next adventure, you'll likely find him on the back porch with friends and family cooking BBQ or enjoying a classic adventure novel. Brandon divides his time between Wilmington, Delaware & Durham, North Carolina.

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