Podcast with Bobby Gill: 2 simple questions to test new app ideas

Podcast with Bobby Gill: 2 simple questions to test new app ideas

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Working for a company which develops apps for other clients as well as builds their own can be tricky. Blue Label Labs is one of the businesses which manages to balance both as they aim to service entrepreneurs and corporations while working on their own projects at the same time.

Bobby GillOur guest for today is the Bobby Gill who is the Founder and CEO of Blue Label Labs, and he is here to share to us how he started as a Program Manager for Microsoft and how he ended up juggling projects for his own company.

Here are the highlights of my discussion with Bobby:

  • Releasing apps purely out of their own design and how they started off building apps for their own portfolio.
  • How they went about finding and landing their initial clients-good old plastering of posters around entrepreneurial communities, until referrals increased through word of mouth.
  • How they come up and validate their app ideas.
  • Simple criteria that ideas should pass before they create them, such as the ability to build a business off of it and the hook it has that could engage people.
  • Their approach to mobile design.
  • The uncertainties they had when they started their business and the stories they have learned from going through these low points.

Bobby and I were on the same page about letting an idea simmer in your head rather than announcing it to the world right off the press. So, I would ask you to do the same and digest app ideas to ensure you have a rationale behind its creating before investing into one.

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