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Author: Jimmy Zuma
Published: December 29, 2011 at 4:50 pm

Relax, God still hates fags

But maybe not quite so much. The attention whores at Westboro Baptist Church were back in the news briefly after announcing plans to picket the funeral of a Virginia Tech police officer Deriek Crouse. However they didn’t show. According to Collegiate Times, student Josh Clark did come, bringing with him a sign and a box of donuts. “Don’t Feed the Trolls. Instead, have a free donut. Any donations will go towards the Hokies for Crouse fund.” Hokies for Crouse went on to raise over $100,000.

Like the other harbingers of doom (look it up) Westboro continues to expand, with new websites devoted to “God hates Islam” and “God Hates the Media.” I’m not making that up. Expect God Hates Anyone Who Ignores Us.com to be a registered URL soon.

But Josh Clark’s advice is, I think, generally good. Next year, don’t feed the trolls.


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