An Historic Moment or An Update on Stratfor's E-mail Leak

Author: A Quentin
Published: February 27, 2012 at 7:48 am

An opinion program in a room with an amateurish atmosphere is interrupted at exactly 12:00 PM GMT time. The screen goes black for a second, to then show the myriads of cameras aligned in a straight, almost regimented line. The viewer’s numbers start incrementally and continuously increasing. The air is tense, all bearing the weight of history on their shoulders. A man, wearing a beige pilot jacket with boyish white hair takes to the podium, speaking in a deep voice and slow rhythm. There was no angry fist, but a somber mood, for what was being revealed by the power of words rather than physical actions is likely to change this world forever, for the better.

The Council of Wise Men and Women – 5 journalists from as many countries – was center stage, speaking to an audience of whose who of journalism, making a revolutionary act – speaking truth to power.

They are not elected, but they speak for the people. The content of the leak probably came from Anonymous, but what Anonymous is, is no more than a portion of us, the people, a portion who is skilled enough and sufficiently motivated to voice our opinions so that we do not have to. This is therefore a collaboration between the great public and the great opinion formers with the aim of exposing what is or should be shocking and with the aim of holding power accountable.

There is something reprehensible, utterly oppressive, as much as that of the North Korea’s regime, to be spied upon constantly, to have your every move monitored, to have it cataloged and then sold on, for no reason other than because someone else disagrees with your opinion.

That it is a private company who engages in such activity rather than a government entity makes no difference. The vast difference in resources, money, and overall power between a large company and a small group, is little different from the vast difference in resources, money and overall power between the government and a small group. Both are reprehensible and oppressive for they intimidate and harass, thus practically denying the right to free speech and peaceful protest.

Yet that is exactly what Stratfor did to Bhopal. One journalist mentions in the press conference how the smallest details, e.g. one person from Bhopal spoke at some college or university or went to buy a washing machine or posted a blog about mundane matters, were detailed, monitored, cataloged, by Stratfor, for the sole aim of selling it to Dow Chemical, who would then probably use this information to smear them, or, who chose to monitor such activities simply because the monitoring itself creates an intimidating and harassing, fear creating, atmosphere.

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