And What Good Do They Do?

Author: A Mohit
Published: December 01, 2012 at 6:25 am

When big boys behave like children, indiscriminately using their toys to create mayhem, they should be dealt the way children are dealt with—take their toys away.

A serious last ditched effort that was once instituted in the senate rules to preserve the right of the minority has become a toy in the hand of the Mitch McConnell-steered august body. Under his stewardship nearly 400 filibusters were evoked in only one presidential term—yes, ONE presidential term. Contrast that with the number of filibusters in the entire presidency of L. B. Johnson—one—and arguably Johnson was one of the most confrontational presidents, if not the very one.

So what’s wrong here?

The GOP is going the way of the dinosaurs, and their survival is at stake. After stealing two elections they lost to a moderate candidate who tried to rule with consensus. In effect Obama is even right of Dwight Eisenhower in principle and ideologue. But the GOP supremo had announced: The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.


The single most important thing for Mitch McConnell was not to serve his country, or his electorate, but to make Obama a one-term President. Why? What’s so wrong with Obama? His skin color? What else?

So to make Mitch’s dream come true, the GOP opposed Obama in every step and that’s why there were this ridiculous number of 380 filibusters.

Robert Draper exposed another GOP conspiracy in his book Do Not Ask What Good We Do. On the night of Obama’s inauguration, about fifteen GOP lawmakers got together, some of them with their spouses, in the Caucus room of a steakhouse situated in between the White House and capitol, to conspire against the new President. They agreed that they will be united and unyielding against the president. The idea was to oppose every economic move initiated by Obama, attack him relentlessly, and win the WH and the Senate in 2012 because the economic ruin the country would suffer would make the president very unpopular. This is shear TREASON and the conspirators should have been prosecuted for that.

As fate would have it—in spite of the GOP conspiracy, and outpouring of an unprecedented amount of money in the 2012 election by Karl Rove-and-gang, Obama won his reelection by a difference of nearly five million votes. And the Electoral College, where it really matters, won 332 electoral votes. Democrats gained eight house seats and surprise surprise; instead of losing their majority in the Senate they strengthened it. This hadn’t happened since the time of Eisenhower. Obama is only the 2nd president in history to win his reelection by such a margin.

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