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Atheists Go To Court To Prevent Cross at Ground Zero

Author: Liz Harrison
Published: July 28, 2011 at 11:10 am

I am an atheist, and I am a conservative. Yes, we do exist. Normally, I'm all for stopping the public display of religious items on public property, or at the very least, am for being inclusive in such displays. Ground Zero is a noted exception.

When I saw that atheists were going to a judge to order the removal of the Ground Zero cross, I parted ways with my "brethren." While this cross has been made into an icon for Christians, in itself, it still holds a secular meaning that the atheists are claiming it does not. It is not unlike the nonsensical claims we see from time to time that someone has seen the face of Jesus in their toast. Beams in buildings are set like crosses. The fact that one was found intact, and placed for workers to see at Ground Zero probably did have some religious purpose. However, it was, and still is, a symbol of a small level of order amid the chaos. It is part of a building that happened to withstand the destruction, and stand on its own.

The religious significance of that is debatable. For people of faith, it has stood as a symbol of their beliefs. They chose to consecrate it, and show some degree of respect to it because of that action. But, how to interpret the meaning of this piece of metal - if it has any meaning at all - boils down to the beliefs of the individual. Christians may choose to view it as a symbol of their faith. Atheists may choose to view it as an aberration because it wasn't destroyed on 9/11. Interpretations of what it means may run the gamut in between. But, the bottom line remains that it is still a piece of metal that happened to survive the destruction of the towers.

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