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Be Carefull What You Wish for - "Osama Bin Laden Killed"

Author: Careen Weldy
Published: May 02, 2011 at 7:11 pm

If President Obama and his deputy national security adviser and chief counter-terrorism coordinator, John Brennan thinks for one second that al-Qaida is a thing of the past now - they are sorely mistaken. I had no love of Osama Bin Laden but I do know that he kept many terrorists in line.

Now, that he has been killed we are going to have to deal with all the little splinter groups that will be ticked off at America now. We are also going to have to see if Pakistan is going to retaliate against us for entering their country and taking Bin Laden as well as 21 other terrorist out. We also are going to have the people who will be upset that they have no real place to worship Bin Laden because those interfering Americans dumped his body at sea.

I would now suggest that we all pray for our troops serving this Great Country overseas and pray for the safety of EVERYONE in America. I have a feeling that we are going to see more and more attempts of terror on our Government as well as innocent people. There are going to be lots of home grown terrorist that live her in the U.S. That are going to want to punish us for killing someone they felt was doing the right thing.


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