Biden Smashes Toughest GOP Bully Boy Into Pulp

Author: A Mohit
Published: October 13, 2012 at 6:28 am

Darned if I do, darned if I don’t—that’s the way Democrats find themselves post vice presidential debate. After President Obama was solidly beaten in the first Presidential debate by a lying robot called Mitt Romany, it was up to the battle-hardened VP to take the fight to another lying T-party Republican flag-carrier, blue-eyed smashing Paul Ryan. Seconds into the debate the blue-boy began sipping water to overcome his nervousness, and by the time the debate was over he didn’t even realize what hit him! Such was the power of Biden’s smile—killing me softly—

Republicans called it a draw, but American people called it an overwhelming victory for the grand old man of politics. But the media was not sure. ABC had it fifty-thirty in favor of Biden, while CNN poll declared Ryan as the victor. Later CNN admitted that their sample was skewed with Republicans. No surprise there.

Next day media cried foul—an old man was beating up a small boy! They described Biden as a mean crazy old man. Even the moderate Slate wrote, “He interrupted Paul Ryan, moderator Martha Raddatz, and even himself with interjections, sighs, and quips. He appealed to the heavens, he looked to the floor. With all the activity he surely shed calories.”

The ultra right Sean Hannity questioned if Biden was drunk! If drunken Biden is able to counter the brightest Republican’s lies with such strength by presenting share facts, let him remain drunk in the campaign trail til election day!

Thursday night Joe Biden did everything that Obama had refrained from. In the first Presidential debate Romney had told thirty-eight lies in ninety minutes, but not a single time Obama had called him. Even when Romney went through an innuendo to call Obama a boy and a liar, Obama kept silent. To the observant viewer it was obvious that his jaws had tightened and face grimaced, but with great self-control he remained silent!

It is so funny—the same media that did not raise any concern when Romney repeatedly talked over the moderator Jim Lehrer, and even the President, now is complaining when Biden talked over Ryan. Grow up guys, don’t be sissy!


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