CultureStrike Hosts Award-Winning Author Jeff Biggers Reading From Newest Release

Author: Carole Di Tosti.
Published: October 07, 2012 at 8:11 pm


The controversy has spread to every state in the union. What should our policies be about immigration? Should New York follow Arizona's lead? Should California? If you are a conservative, the answer is clear. For those immigrants who are searching for the fulfillment of the American dream to live in the US, the answer is also clear. However, the gates to paradise once wide as the sea are as narrow as a sheaf of paper and only the desperate, brave and/or patient are willing to attempt entry. In this hostile immigration atmosphere, immigrants who are citizens are going through the fight of their lives in Arizona where justice, freedom and equity are being pressed out of the rock of American greatness, foreboding that remnants of that once great rock, now crumbling to dust, will be blown away by the winds of shame. 

For Jeff Biggers what the immigration policy of this country should be is as clear as unpolluted, smog-free air, and crystal clean, unchemicalized water. Biggers, an author, journalist, storyteller and playwright is not typical, however. His knowledge and writings about vital trending issues (look for his work in the Huffington Post, and Washington Post to name a few) run far and wide. He is a discerning advocate. He has followed and joined the immigration movement in Arizona before and after the fashioning of SB1070. According to Dr. Rudy Acuna, founding chair of the Chicano/a studies department at CSUN, Biggers is one of the few journalists who have been with the movement since the beginning. Acuna has said, Biggers "is a very progressive person. He’s one of the people who I respect because he’s not only writing, but he’s active, and he feels the issue.”

Those fortunate to be in San Francisco, Saturday, October 6th had the opportunity to see Biggers "do his stuff" live at an event hosted by CultureStrike. CultureStrike is a magazine at the forefront of the national arts movement around immigration.

The happenings included Biggers' reading from his October 2nd release, State Out of the Union: Arizona and the Final Showdown over the American Dream, which explores the civil rights conflicts of Arizona’s controversial SB1070 law and the banning of Chicano/a studies at public schools there. Biggers was joined by other renowned artists, authors, novelists and poets in a discussion of the controversies created before and after Arizona's SB1070.

Biggers' latest release, like his other works, examines the issue in depth to explode myths and media hypes of misinformation that made Arizona immigration issues a casualty of lies, a mist of inaccuracies. Biggers experienced the controversies, the contentions, the polarizations of Arizonans and those unrepresentative individuals who dropped into the state to drum up business for the cause of anti-immigration.

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