Death of a Nation

Author: Walter Nevin Jefferson
Published: April 01, 2012 at 5:19 pm

The GOP-led House approved a 2013 budget proposal that would cut taxes for the wealthy, destroy and wreck havoc for those on Medicare as well as for those who need it; slash Federal spending, which funds Federal programs and assists the needy, not greedy John and Jane Q. Public.

Its the exact opposite of President Obama's Healthcare and Budget Proposal for tax cuts for the middle and poor classes and higher taxes on the wealthy and corporations.This vote that will define the Republican Party as the party who are for themselves and no one else.

This is from and for the richest of the rich Republican party in their latest attempt at a corporate takeover; running the nation like a corporation with profits for their big shot party and the rich followers who are their benefactors.

They don’t care about the poor, suffering, sick, disabled and elderly — people who depend on Medicare for their very lives, including mine. The middle class and poor folks solely depend on Medicare as their only hope to stay healthy. They don't want to get sick and die from the hands of their Government. They also don’t care about the working class whose jobs are outsourced overseas with corporations getting a tax break for causing massive unemployment.

The rest of the world thinks that Republicans, the Tea Party and their followers are cold, cruel and condemning against people who are in need for medical healthcare — an opinion that everyone should be entitled to.

To add insult to injury, the powers that be applied politically correctness to the catch phrase healthcare to Obama-care.

The same powers applied politically correctness to the catch phrase "Anti-Black," calling it "Anti-Obama," which made it socially acceptable to go public with racist and bigoted comments. 

Whites from the political world, sports world, acting world and every other “non-white world" jumped on this bandwagon. After this latest goof-ball move the rest of the world is right in their logic.

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