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Difficult Choices for the GOP: Trayvon Martin or Etch-A-Sketch - Page 3

Author: Lawrence D. Elliott
Published: March 22, 2012 at 6:29 pm

What about Mitt Romney? What is his position on the gunning down of a young black kid? Anything? Anything? Of course, his views today might change tomorrow, but it would be nice if he said something!

What about Ron Paul? His name has been attached to a newsletter filled with racist words. Oops! Did I really expect him to speak up?

And there’s Newt Gingrich. Never mind.

Finally, there’s Jeb Bush. Is this what he envisioned when he signed that bill into law? Has he even made one comment? Did I miss something? I did see he endorsed Mitt Romney for President. Thank God there was enough time for that.

Here’s a very important message to the GOP:

If this is how the Republican Party reacts to the issue of the taking of an innocent black child’s life, backed up by a silly law, then stop asking why more than a handful of black people don’t vote for you. The answer to that riddle is in the mirror.

The Democratic Party doesn’t always have all of the answers, but they need black people and more importantly, they show it. Everyone wants to be appreciated and feel a part of this land we call America. And no one wants to be constantly made to feel like they’re seen as second-class citizens, either through harsh words, with a callous silence, or the barrel of a neighborhood watch captain’s gun.

I know it’s a hard choice, but there are more important things than a child’s toy. Like the taking of a child’s life.


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