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Enough With Professional Politicians! Go Away!

Author: Leo the Spartan
Published: April 24, 2012 at 5:09 pm

Leave us alone and go back from whence you came. And I mean all of you. This great nation needs a fresh start. And we may be witnessing the worst crop of leaders in many a generation. Many will protest and I say go ahead. But I am talking reality here not wishful thinking or a D or R in front of some slick dudes name.

Excuse my somber thoughts on this topic especially in this big election year but are you kidding me? These are the people that presumably lead the free world. God help us all.

I mean seriously can you trust a one of them? I see them all as a Saturday Night Live skit. From the mass corruption to the outright bribery let alone the selling of a soul for some pet pork project. Arm twisting, towing the party boss line. It is all so unseemly.

Yet America it is we who vote for these people. So therefore it must be us to blame no? Are we just gullible? Do we take payoffs in the form of government goodies? Likely all the above. So the conclusion is we are to blame for the current state of affairs.

It is also their fault. The two main parties stymie us with a mediocre selection and we all know that when in the ballot box we face the "lesser of two evils syndrome". How awful. I believe they have so polluted the climate that the best we have run like the plague from seeking office. I know as a professional mortgage person I needed a shower whenever I came across lets just say less than professional mortgage people to protect those who are probably now selling you cell phones and helped to ruin an industry. The same goes for good people not wanting to engage in "the inside the beltway" cesspool. I know the feeling. Conclusion #2 is they are also to blame.

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