Fiscal Cliff and Some Rambling

Author: A Mohit
Published: November 29, 2012 at 5:15 pm

The House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner said,
President Barack Obama and Democrats are not serious about the "fiscal cliff since they are not interested in spending cuts.

Of course speaker, you seem to be oblivious that there was an election just a few weeks ago, and your party was mauled by the American people. The President won by nearly a margin of 4%, something that hasn’t happened in a long time, Instead of gaining seats in the Senate your party lost a few; and even in the House you lost your fellow members. You are still the Speaker only because of massive gerrymandering that your party did—yet, you are behaving as if nothing has happened. You are demanding that the President abandon his central election pledge not to raise taxes on the super rich, since your party had signed a no tax increase pledge to a lobbyist called Grover Norquist more than two decades ago.

But I say, why even talk of GOP, when Barack Obama’s campaign manager David Plouffe is hinting of a sell out one more time? David Plouffe says Entitlement programs must be on the table, and in his mind Social Security and Medicare are Entitlement programs. No Sir, they are not. Social Security and Medicare are insurance programs, we pay for it, and it is a shame that David Plouffe does not know it!

The Fiscal Cliff is invention of Wall Street, it is a pure fiction. In reality it is merely a road bump. If Obama sells out one more time it would be a real betrayal of hope and dream of the 99 percenters. Obama needs to realize that he holds all the trump cards. If the GOP is not serious the administration needs to ride the fiscal cliff. Let all the tax cuts expire, and then they shall propose tax cuts for the 98 percent Americans, and let GOP reject it. They would do that at their own peril—GOP will become history!


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