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Glenn Beck Submerges Obama Figurine in Fake Urine As Art Stunt

Author: Shea Wong
Published: November 28, 2012 at 5:57 am

Mom jeans impresario Glenn Beck took time out of his busy schedule of huffing chalk fumes to discuss art yesterday.  Apparently he was terribly upset that over protests, a piece of artwork depicting Obama as a crucified man was pulled from a NYC show.  His contention, and a correct one it was, is that the 1st Amendment guarantees people to display works of art that one may find offensive. That is free speech in a nutshell.  And then he goes on to prove his point for the 'others', by submerging a small figurine of President Obama in a mason jar of what he claims is his own urine, but later admits is beer.  Video here.

Several things to consider when watching the video:

  1. Why is he using a French accent when speaking about the Sistine Chapel, when it is in Italy (Vatican City to be precise)?

  2. What is his obsession with fat people?  He talks about them constantly.  That and male genitalia.  Is this like when he constantly used to shill for the gold companies - does he have new, weird sponsors now?

  3. Does he realize that the Obama figurine appears to be wrapped in the American flag, which he has just dunked in a jar of urine/beer?  Where's his rabid patriotism now?

And most importantly...

Why in the world did he think that this would be at all offensive?

His gambit, ridiculous as it may seem, appears to be that the Left would be up in arms with his stunt, and would call for a government censorship, hence proving to him and your Nana who listens to him that artsy fartsy people are only interested in their work being protected, not anyone else's.   Does he not yet realize that what comes out of his mouth on a daily basis contains far more excrement than a mason jar with a plastic toy in it?  Does he not yet realize that the misspelled, racist signs of the Tea Party are far more offensive than anything he could come up with?  And most importantly, has he never heard of the Andres Serrano work "Piss Christ", a piece created from the devout Catholic's rage at the hypocrites (like Beck) who desecrate the ideals of Christ, while pretending to speak in His name, to their own financial and social gain?

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