GOP Faces Real Possibility Of Extinction

Author: A Mohit
Published: November 12, 2012 at 5:49 am

The most learned talk show host of America Thom Hartmann said last week—and now I’m paraphrasing: I have advice for President Obama, he has to do nothing. Let the Bush tax cuts expire, which it will if nothing is done. Then let the president propose middle class tax cut, and let the GOP oppose that.
This is a simple and brilliant idea, but has anybody else thought of that idea? Not the president’s cabinet, I dare say with tongue-in-cheek!

Pundits are still writing on why the GOP was demolished after the first election in post Citizens United era. But I say, even before their inks dry up—the Republicans lost because of one man, Grover Norquist. The three billion dollars the Republicans spent, thanks to Koch brothers and Sheldon and company, came to naught. The conservative prodigy, Karl Rove looked like a clown, when he lost his marbles in front of live television.

How was this possible? And considering the fact that there were so much of voter frauds, and voting machines tampering? When the helps broke the news to Mitt Romney that Ohio was gone to president Obama, he was shell shocked and speechless. Why did he react the way he did? Because Romney knew, thanks to his son’s investment in the company that owned the voting machines in Ohio—he was invincible in that state. So, how did that happen?

I have an answer—there were over ten thousand boots on the ground from the venerated-or-despised unions that Obama so blatantly betrayed in Wisconsin and other nebular states. Those union guys did their best to bring voters to the polling centers, prevent attempts of right wing goons to discourage minority voters, and kept a tag on how the proceedings were going—no electronic boxes were going to change people’s mandate this time.

The GOP has collectively surrendered their freedom to one Washington lobbyist, conservative activist, and founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform, Grover Norquist, in the form of signing a pledge that they will never agree to any tax cuts. Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform bragged that “279 Congressional incumbents — and another 286 challengers — signed his ‘Taxpayer Protection Pledge’ to never vote for any tax increases under any circumstances.

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