Greece Today, America Tomorrow

Author: A Mohit
Published: February 22, 2012 at 11:42 am

It was only last June, I wrote Rome Is Burning—Well, Greece. Now it is clearly evident that a new experiment is beginning in the cradle of civilization, and name of the game is exploitation of human labor.

It has just been reported that up to 64,000 Greeks will work for free this month, and some of them will actually have to pay their employers to keep their job. Among the affected employees are 21.000 teachers, 13.000 municipal employees, and 30.000 civil servants.

This unthinkable is happening because of the new austerity measures that have been forced on Greece by the European Bureaucrats, who are fully owned by the Banksters. Health and pension funds are being gutted, with a 537-million euro haircut. Minimum wage is going down by up to 32%–indeed Greece is becoming the US Republicans’ Nirvana, and they must be watching this with soulful glee.

The Republican Party in this country has been hijacked by the extremists from the right. The Democratic Party today is far right of Republican Party of President Richard Nixon. Even Ronald Reagan, in whose name the current GOP call its base, would be considered an extreme liberal today, since he had advocated stopping the tax loopholes and increasing taxes on the rich, and followed his words with actions.

Yet, the sheeple in this country are splitting themselves in the name of, God, guns and gays, paving ways to make the 1% perpetuate their exploitation of the rest. The five kings of the United States Supreme Court had declared money is speech and Corporations are people. We are witnessing the dirty games of two dozen billionaires who are out with their shopping bags to purchase their favorite GOP candidates in a wretched display of ill gotten money, earned through tax loopholes and inexcusable tax laws.

Be wary people, vote in 2012 with your own interest in mind, vote with your brains, and recognize that if you don’t, you are witnessing your own future—in Greece today.


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