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Is Congress Broken? - Revisited

Author: Mrs. Smeej
Published: March 24, 2012 at 5:13 am


Stop the presses... Or, for those of you who are younger and exceedingly more hip than I; #AuthorMayHaveBeenTooHasty.

Wrote a rhyme the other day that asked; Is Congress broke?
I said yes and blamed the Members. Maybe I misspoke...
In a recent interview, The PBS News Hour
Sat down with 2 Senators resigning seats of power;

(Bingaman, New Mexico, and Snowe who comes from Maine)
Asked them if they feared that Congress might have grown insane.
Snowe - and boy, I love her - said that when we won't elect
People who will compromise, what else do we expect?

I had never thought of that before. I think she's right.
Almost every ad you've seen in any campaign fight
Always makes an issue of some vote the other guy
Sided with opponents on - imply that he would lie.

But, with checks and balances, that's what they're s'posed to to;
Start from basic principles... Agree to bend a few.
These days we're so polarized that maybe we forgot
In a good democracy the middle ground is sought.

Yet, we're in a pickle, for the people on the Hill
Can't agree on anything and, right now, no one will
Step across a party line in an election year.
It might just sneak up behind and bite them on the rear.

Why would an elected official compromise, even if it's the reasonable thing to do, when they know it will be used against them in future campaigns?  It makes no sense to make nuanced decisions when voters don't take the time to understand the nuances... We only throw the "flip-flopping" scoundrels out. 

Is Congress broken?  Maybe, but - if so - we broke it.


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