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Is This The Healthcare Reform (Cure)The Doctor Ordered?

Author: Leo the Spartan
Published: April 02, 2012 at 5:01 pm

Let us begin by stating the obvious which is the current mechanism for delivery of health care is abominable. What I mean is although we have the best care on the planet, the payment system and the delivery system has its considerable problems. So what is the solution and is it addressed in Obamacare? I will be among many who would like to restructure the system so as to make it more consumer friendly and patient based delivery and my bias would be towards reducing government interference and more towards a market oriented system. One major caveat to the naysayers, "A True Market Oriented System". We do not have that now!

Let us view some numbers and attempt to discern what needs/has been done and at what cost. As was reported this weekend on an in depth report on Bloomberg News, 86% of Americans now have a health care plan. This leaves 14% without. A tenuous position to say the least. But these 14% do have access to the care they need via various state aid programs and federal as well. As a backstop the hospital is the caregiver of last resort. So it appears that care is available to all but systemically treated differently. According to the Bloomberg report the cost annually for those without care runs $39 billion per year. According to a variety of sources Obamacare will likely cost $1-2 trillion over the next 10 years. And if Medicare is any guide, the early forecast on its cost in the out years was off by a factor of 10 fold. Scary thought if history repeats.

But this begs the question. If we need $39 billion a year for the uninsured, why are we projected to spend many times this amount and convolute the whole system with 3000 pages of regulations no one understands? And as the regulators get their hands on these pages you can bet they will multiply as will the complexity of this program. Seems a lot of hassle for what amounts to a rather small sum by D.C. standards. In fact costs have been rising steadily these past two years and at twice the average historical rates for most private health policies and the plan has not officially started. They promised it would drive the costs down. What happened?

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