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It's Official: Obama Abandons Caucasian Working-Class Voters For 2012

Author: Edmund Jenks
Published: December 20, 2011 at 12:11 pm

President Barack Obama reaches to greet members of the audience after delivering remarks on the American Jobs Act at Manchester Central High School, Manchester, N.H., Nov. 22, 2011. Image Credit: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

It's Official: Obama Abandons Caucasian Working-Class Voters For 2012

In an article published in the UK Daily Mail, Democrat Political Party strategists reveal to the New York Times just why this coming election of 2012 will be the most divisive in modern American history. The Obama Administration will not seek to gain votes from all Americans as was the tradition of elections past.

The majority of working-class voters, by population demographics, are Caucasian, and polling shows that they have very little hope in their future prospects with a second term of a Barack Obama presidency (unless they belong to a labor Union, where folks do not have any control over dues funded political donations).

This election will become the most divisive because it will be the liberal (MSM) media's charter to publish articles that are designed to dishearten (demonize) the white working-class voters so they will feel they are in the minority and become less inclined to show up and vote in November 2012. With a $Billion dollar campaign war chest and control of of our tax base through Federal Government bureaucracies, Barack Obama will have plenty to shower upon those groups he feels that will get him re-elected to a second term.

Abandoned: President Barack Obama has been focusing on Hispanic voters and educated whites instead of working-class white Americans. Image Credit: UK Daily Mail

This excerpted and edited from the UK Daily Mail -

Obama campaign abandons white working-class voters in favor of minorities and the educated
By Daily Mail Reporter - Last updated at 5:04 PM on 28th November 2011

President Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign will be the first in modern political history to abandon white working-class voters, strategists claim.

For decades, Democrats have been losing more and more blue collar whites. Their alienation helped lead to the massive Republican wave in 2010, when the GOP wooed 30 percent more of them than the Democrats could.

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